You can book almost 40 different kind of adventures/activities from us!
Whether you want to relax after a hectic meeting day or just to organise a day full of fun, Varjola is the right place for you. More than 15 years of experience of organising high quality services gives us the right base to make your day one you will never forget! For winter programmes we offer warm overalls, boots, gloves and helmets. For summer activities we have e.g. rain clothes, rubber boots, river rafting vests and helmets.

We do the organising, while you enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.




In summertime, shooting the rapids with a rubber boat through the foaming waters of Kuusa gets your blood going! Rapids of Kuusa which floats just next to Varjola offer extremely good rapid rafting condtions in these levels of Finland. You don´t have to travel in northern Finland to enjoy good whitewater adeventures. There is also channel of Kuusa which helps us to go upstream. Our rafting boats are large rubber boats and consists places for 8 person at the same time. Each raft has a skipper who has passed a skipper´s test and knows rapids well. The rafting package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest, helmet).

Time: summer                                                                                                                             
Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

PRICE:                                                                                                                                                                       4 persons or more           18 € / person

You can also combine rafting with different kind of river experiences!
River adventures tasks are:
Crossing the rapids with cable wire
Walking on the cord above rapids
Whitewater rafting

Take all three tasks to enjoy rapids of Kuusa as its best, or mix just few tasks.Package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest, helmet).                                                                                            

Time: summer                                                                                                                                              Duration: 1,5 hours

1 person                           75 € / person
2 persons                        65 € / person 
4 persons or more      45 € / person



Through the forest and hills, and across slopes, our ATV routes are planned according to the experience and skills of the participants. Every participant drives their own atv machine, and you will be equipped with the necessary accessories: helmet, outdoor clothing, gloves and rubber boots. You can choose intensive 1 hour safari, or longer 2 hour safari which includes coffee break at the viewpoint hut.

Time: summer
Person: at least 4 person
Duration: 1 or 2 hours
Minimum age: 18 years

1 hour safari          78 € / person
2 hour safari         138 € / person


Our snowmobile safaris are from 25 to 45 kilometers long and each participants can drive their own snowmobile. Each guest is equipped with all the necessary gear for the safari (overall, gloves, boots, balaclavas and helmet). Before the departure on the safari, your guide gives you a short lesson on how to handle a snowmobile. Then you will depart on a snowmobile journey through the snowy forest in varyin routes in Varjola. Along the safari you enjoy sootpot coffee and sandwiches at the viewpoint hut.

Time: winter
Person: at least 4 persons
Duration: 2 or 3 hours

2 hour safari    115 € / person
3 hour safari   155 € / person


The tumbling waters of the Kuusaankoski rapids are perfect for those in pursuit of lake trout. Pike, perch, whitefish and pike-perch also invite the fisherman to take up the challenge... Reflection, fragrances and feelings are key part of the enjoyment fishing generates. A fully-fokused ice-hole fishing on a crisp winter´s day – golden experience also! It is unbeatable feeling of fishing the foaming rapids. Fishing is suitable for beginners too, we can provide you with an experienced guide. Experience one of the best fishing rapids in the southern part of Finland. With the guidance of our experts it is possible to catch for example trouts, graylings and lake salmons. Come and have a fishing experience of a life time!

Time: through year
Person: at least 1 person
Duration: 2 - 12 hours

- package includes fully guiding, equipments and fishing licences to the rapids area
1 - 3 person  287 € / 2 hours
4 - 7 person  419 € / 2 hours
8 - 12 person 541 € / 2 hours
Ask offers for longer fishing packages from our Sales office! 


Tradiotional games and activities can be held in Varjola area. Get together with your group and enjoy relaxing time – all you need is a hint of humour! Choose four different tasks from the list below, and you will have enjoyable experience for your group.
Examples from our task choices: Milking the fake cow, Seesaw catapult, Labyrinth,
Skiing with the tandem-skis, Walking with wooden legs, Country slingshots, Pulling the rope, Varjola mine field

Time: through year
Person: at least 4 persons
Duration: 1-2 hours (depending on group size)

4 tasks package:   25 € / person



On this great adventure you will enjoy three different rivers in the area. One of the river is Kuusaankoski rapids, but you get to know also Kapeenkoski -rapid as well as Simunankoski -rapids. The three river package includes equipment (rubber boots, raincoat and -trousers, life vest, helmet), and also sootpot coffees with sandwiches along the journey.

Time: summer
Person: at least 4 person, maximum 24 persons
Duration: 3-4 hours

130 € / person


Now you can experience beatiful rapids of Kuusaankoski also in wintertime! Guests dress in floating suits and our guide provides brief instructions – and then it is off with the currants of the river. The Arctic floating package includes all necessary equipments.

Time: winter
Person: at least 2 persons
Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour

35 € / person

You can also combine Arctic floating with other rapid experiences:¨
Arctic Adventure:
Crossing the rapids with cable wire
Walking on the cord above rapids
Arctic floating

1 - 4 persons             65 € / person
5 persons or more   60 € / person


Husky - Express - Driving yourself

Husky-sledge is for 2 persons, other driving and other enjoying a ride. On a half way on this safari we can change drivers, so both can try drive a sledge. Safari includes full guiding and all equipments, hot berry juice served along journey

Time: winter
Person: at least 4 persons, maximum 12 persons
Duration: 1 hour

60 € / person 
minimum group price: 280 €



Husky Carousel - Guide is driving

Enjoy a beatiful winter scenery with Husky dogs. Professional husky guide will guide you all the way.
Husky guide is driving the sledge, sledge is for 1-2 persons. Safari includes full guiding and all equipments

Time: winter (requires good snow conditions)
Persons: minimum 4 persons
Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour

26 € / person
minimum group price: 280 € 



Enjoying finnish winter and forest in peace. Guidance and all equipments are included. Soot pot coffee and picnic sandwiches are served  along journey.

Time: winter
Person: Minimum 4 persons
Duration: 2 hours

35 € / person

Rally experience as Co-driver
Feel a speed of a real rally car as a co-driver. Professional Finnish rally-driver will give you a taste of a real rally. Rally experience is held Finnish rally scenery: curvy, gravel roads and a lot of speed! Rally road is situated about 2-3 kilometers from Varjola main house.

Time: summer and winter (Rally driving is very depending on weather conditions: melting frost after winter causes soft soils on the gravel road areas.)
Person: 10 - 30 persons  - NOTE! Available only for groups
Duration: 2 - 3  hours (depending on group size)

165 € / person / ask for offer


  - Rally Simulator

Real rally feeling in a real rally car! You can drive yourself, and feel rally car movements. Simulator consists all real car movements, G-forces, jumps etc. Simulator stage: WRC rally, Rally Finland; Ouninpohja – Special Stage

Time: rally simulator ir posible to reserve all year round
Person: 10 - 15 persons  - NOTE! Available only for groups
Duration: 1 - 3 hours (depending on group size)

minimum price:  Ask for offer



Hiking trip to Oitinmäki -hill
Relaxing time outside, enjoying wildlife, wide variety of scenery along the way. Necessary equipments are included in the package

Person: at least 4 persons
Duration: 2 hours

20 € - 25 € / person (depending on group size)  



Come and enjoy the Finnish forest on a easy to ride Fatbikes. Varjola offers good routes for sightseeing, while giving you some sense of adventure. Within the route there are many resting places where you can stop to take some pictures or catch your breath.
At the moment there are routes with medium-low and medium-high difficulty levels​,but more routes are coming.
Approximate length of routes are 12 to 14 kilometers and they can be completed between 1,5 to 2 hours​, depending on physical level and resting time. Use of outdoor clothing is recommended and remember to take in consideration time of the year.

Person: 2-10 persons
Duration: 1,5-2 hours

30 € to 70 € / person (depending on group size)


Survival game is an exciting, adult version of those childhood games like "capture the flag". Two teams of 5 to 30 players per side each are equipped with a paintgun that enables you to tag opponents with paintgun. To win, you must capture your opponents' flag and return it to your own base, while planning to stop your opponents from doing exactly the same. Each participant will be equipped with the necessary accessories: outdoor clothing, safety mask, paintgun and 100 bullets/ perticipant. Guiding and insurance are also included.  

Person: 10 - 40 persons (minium charge up to 10 persons)
Duration: 2 - 5 hours (depending on group size) 
Minimum group price:    400 € / group
10 - 24  person:                    40 € / person
over 25 persons:                  35 € / person