Conquer the Lakes of Finland

Imagine holiday with pure nature, clear water and fresh air.


Conquer the lakes of Finland-holiday offers peace and serenity for your holiday. Travel within the Finnish lakes in your own pace and at the same time accommodate in a first class summer house. While conquering the Finnish lakes you will experience water not only by your accommodation but with fishing, river adventures and sauna experiences.

We offer you a chance to escape from busy everyday life to Finnish lakes and freedom of travel - be the vagabond of your own life.

Just imagine sitting in the deck of a Houseboat with your toes in a pure Finnish lake water in a warm, quiet summer night with midsummer light throughout the night. Or on a hot summer day when you can just anchor next to the islet and dip a swim into clear and cooling water.

During your journey you may stop over to a beach nearby or get to know the cities and villages on your way. During this holiday you will experience the nature that only the lakes and forests in Middle-Finland can offer. Conquer the white water foam of a Kuusa rapids with river adventure; walk on a cord over the old log floating river, cross the rapids sliding on a cable and test your skills in a whitewater rafting. Catch a giant

trout from Kuusa rapids, enjoy a meal made in an open fire and feel the healing power of a Finnish sauna in Varjola. Conquering the lakes of Finland is the perfect way to gather strength for the following year.



Example of the Conquer the lakes of Finland -holiday:

This journey begins from Jyväskylä harbor. Jyväskylä harbor, the home of Houseboat, is located in a walking distance of Jyväskylä bus and train stations and is easy to access by taxi from Jyväskylä airport. You may also rent a car from Helsinki airport and travel to Jyväskylä within three hours by car.

On a first day you will be handed over the Houseboat - your accommodation and escape to the serenity. You will be given full instructions on how to use the Houseboat and in case of need all the help is just a phone call away. Also we will give you some ideas on where to spend your first night on the water.


On the second morning you will continue your trip through waters to Varjola Guesthouse, which will be your second stop. In Varjola you will enjoy lunch by an open fire and experience white water fishing with an experienced fishing guide. In the evening you can enjoy some Finnish sauna and small evening meal. You spend the second night next to the whitewater rapids.

On the morning of a third day you may enjoy a full country style breakfast at Varjola and face the river adventures with the help of experienced guides. After lunch at Varjola you can start heading bac

k to Jyväskylä. During the last night on the lake, you can think back on the adventurous days while enjoying the serenity of the water and peace and quite of the Finnish nature.


On the morning of the fourth day you will return the Houseboat to the harbor – if you are willing to hand it over anymore.

Book in advance a relaxing summer holiday with one of a kind accommodation, meals and activities for your stay in area of thousand lakes.

Location: Middle Finland, area of Jyväskylä – Laukaa
Available: May to August
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Persons: 2-8
Price: Price depending on the group size 440 €-1200 €/person
Price includes: Houseboat for two nights, 2 hours of guided fishing, river adventure, sauna with an outdoor jacuzzi (2 h), 1 x breakfast, 1 x lunch, 1 x sauna meal and 1 x dinner in a hut

Additional experiences: Sauna treatments, activities, Kayak or sup board rental
Ask more details on pricing and all the activities we may offer.

Good to know:
You do not need your own linens or towels.
You will be given full instructions and you do not need any boating skills or licenses.