All about Forest

Experience the Finnish forests at their best;
Beautifull sceneries, 
calming environment and clean nature with  fresh air.

Spend your holiday in a fresh clean air with naturally calming surrounding of peace and quiet.
Southern Konnevesi national park is surrounded by lakes in the Heart of Finland. This new national park offers breathtaking sceneries, herb-rich forests hidden by the rock walls and high cliffs. Parts of the Southern Konnevesi national park trails offers steep lopes for experienced hikers.
All about Forest offers safe experience and lot of knowledge in the Finnish forests by guided trekking.

During this holiday you will experience the forests and waters of Finland safely. Addition to your visit to national park you will have a trip with Fatbikes to the surrounding forests of your accommodation.

You can take an evening walk to the Kuusa rapids and canal located right next to your accommodation and fry sausages in a lean-to-shelter with a rapids scenery.

Days will be finished in a relaxing warmth of a sauna, where you can look back at the days adventures. On the last night you can enjoy the healing power of a traditional Finnish sauna treatments with a sertified sauna-therapist. At the end of the day you can cuddle in the comfort of clean sheets with a full stomach.

Example of the All about Forest -holiday:

On the first day you will arrive to Varjola and enjoy a lunch before your first experience. As a first touch of the Finnish forests a guide will take you to the surrounding forests and hills with Fatbikes. Your first evening will end up in a sauna with sauna meal.

The second day will start with country-style breakfast before heading to Southern Konnevesi national park. You will hike with an experienced guide according to your groups decires and pace. At some point you will take a breath, have a small snack and enjoy the sceneries. When you return to Varjola you will enjoy a meal in a hut with an open fire before heading to sauna and enjoying the healing treatments of a sauna-therapist.

After the breakfast on the third morning you can have additional experience of a River adventure, which includes walk on a cord over the old log floating river, crossing the rapids with sliding on a cable and testing your skills in a whitewater rafting. After lunch it is time to return home or continue your trip with relaxed and peacefull mind and body.

The country with most forests and lakes of its landscape offers unique destination for travelling in the nature. Come and experience the Finnish nature at its best; Beautifull sceneries, calming environment, clean nature and fresh air.

Get to know the Southern Konnevesi national park!

Location: Laukaa, Middle Finland
Available: All year round
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Persons: 2-10
Price: from 518 €/person
Price includes: Accommodation in twin room in Riihivillas for two nights, one guided trekking tour in Southern Konnevesi national park with a snack, one fatbike trip, sauna and sauna treatment with sauna meal, 2 x breakfast and 2 x lunch, 1 dinner
Supplements: Transportations, tent sauna, accommodation in a tent
Additional experiences: River adventure, guided white water fishing, kajak or boat trips to national park.

Good to know:
You do not need bed linens or towels but remember to bring good shoes and outdoor clothing.
Add some more into your experience by acommodating in an army tent and/or enjoying the experience of a tent sauna!


Rock and night photo: Jouni Lehmonen