Tasting trip to Finnish Nature

Get to know Finnish pure nature and its nature ingredients.
Pick up berries, mushrooms and natural herbs while hiking in the forest.
We walk in a near-by forest picking berries, mushrooms and herbs and prepare a meal together in the forest over a campfire in an outdoor cooking place.

Forest Menus (varies according to the season)  is included in the trip

Menu I
Homemade white bread with herb spread
Wild mushroom soup
Nettle pancakes with mushroom or tartar sauce
Berry pie, coffee made on campfire
Menu II
Wild herb tomato bread
Pike burger with herb mayonnaise, campfire potatoes, berry curd
Coffee made on campfire (vegan alternative: beetroot rosti burger)
Menu III
Wild herb pesto and homemade rye bread, asparagus
Organic beef burgers, porcine sauce, campfire potatoes
Pancakes with berries, coffee made on campfire


Duration: 5 hours, including dining

Price: from 160 EUR / person
Includes: all necessary equipments and clothings, 3-course Forest menu and guiding

Enjoy clean and fresh forest gourmet