Guided trip to Multamäki-hill area

Experience Finnish beautiful nature!

Have a relaxing and peaceful time while experiencing the silence of the Finnish forests. Surrounding countryside offers wide variety of sceneries along the way.

On a guided forest trek you will enjoy peaceful and relaxing forest landscape. Our guide will lead you beautiful paths, where you can see different species in the forest flora and fauna. While journey we will have a break on a hut and have some coffee made by open fire.


-Necessary equipment’s are included in the package, small snacks available on the hiking trip

Duration : 2 hours



Guided trek to an ancient rock formation

Ancient gorge, with its stony secrets invite you for a hike. Gorge area is located in a nature preservation area with geological and flourish importance.

In the middle of a plain forest, land all of a sudden tears up into a deep gorge. Hitonhauta ancient gorge is the largest one in Central Finland, being up to 30-40 meters wide and even 25 meters deep. Beautiful small ponds, small waterfalls and many caves are waiting for a traveler brave enough to enter.

It was believed that a goblin called Hitto (engl. devil) lived in the area and this is how the place got its name. In winter time the nature creates its magnificent art with the ice and during summer you can enjoy the pure, green nature. This impressive gorge valley is a popular visiting site for active outdoor people and it is definitely worth the visit. It has been told that one of the caves were used as a hiding place during the war time.

Trek route is not long (3 km), but depending on the season, the route may be slippery and rough. For this guided hike we recommend good outdoor shoes and a curious mind. During this guided hike you will take a breath, enjoy a nice snack by open fire and enjoy the sceneries.

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • PRICE:
  • 250 €/ 1-4 persons
  • more than 5 person, 50 €/person
  • Price includes guiding and small snacks along the trek


Experience the Finnish forests at their best: beautiful sceneries, calming environment and clean nature with fresh air.

Spend your holiday in a fresh clean air with naturally calming surrounding of peace and quiet. Learn to know more about the Finnish forests by experiencing the pine trees in Laukaa and hidden secrets of the national park.

Southern Konnevesi national park is surrounded by lakes in the Heart of Finland. This new national park offers breathtaking sceneries, herb-rich forests hidden by the rock walls and high cliffs. Parts of the Southern Konnevesi national park trails offers steep slopes for experienced hikers.

Varjola offers safe experience and lot of knowledge in the Finnish forests by guided trekking.

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Price: from 130 EUR / person
  • + hiking/trekking Backpack with lunch snacks 59 EUR / 4 persons
  • Minimum group size: 4
  • Price includes professional guiding
  • Supplementary transfer from/to Varjola 200 EUR


Guided bike trek to a forest

Come and enjoy the Finnish forest on a easy ride with Fat Bikes.

Varjola offers good routes for sightseeing, while giving you some sense of adventure.

Within the route there are many resting places where you can stop to take some pictures or catch your breath.

Approximate length of routes are 12 to 14 kilometers long and they can be completed within 1,5 to 2 hours​, depending on physical level and resting time. Use of outdoor clothing is recommended.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • PRICE: 797 EUR (1-12 persons)

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Let's enjoy Finnish nature together!

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