In Varjola you will find everything for a fishing trip in one place; accommodation, dining, sauna and fishing licence.
Full-service fishing packages in Kuusaankoski offer a good whole for self-fishing with your own group. You can book a rapid fishing area for your own use and fish in peace!

The fishing package includes the Kuusaankoski fishing area for private use for your group, accommodation near the rapids and a sauna with a jacuzzi. In addition, you can dine in Varjola or use Varjola’s Hut which is located near the rapids.
Dining happens in the Bistro Sylvi during the summer season and in the Barn Restaurant during the winter season.

Book a fishing trip to Kuusa with friends!

The fishing package includes:
Kuusa rapid fishing area flowing by Varjola for private fishing
The permit is valid: Arrival day from 6pm until the next day at 2pm.

Accommodation in high-class Riihivillas; Riihi Room for four people and Riihi Suite Apartment for five people.

Private sauna with a warm jacuzzi on the terrace (two hours).

During the fishing package, the Hut is free use for self-manufacturing fish for example. NOTE! Hut is also open for other Varjola quests.

4-6 persons 223 €/person
7-8 persons 155 €/person
9-10 persons 135 €/person
11-12 persons 122 €/person
Extra night + continuation of fishing license for the next 24 hours from 85 €/person

Book a package by phone 020 792 8080 or by email

Fishing rules for the Kuusaankoski rapids fishing area as of 1.5.2020.

1. Kuusaankoski rapids fishing area consists of a map of a defined area. All fishing is prohibited without a local license. Fishing licenses are personal.

2. In fishing, one fisher may not have more than two flies or one spoon at the same time.

3. Licenses for fishing are are for 12 fisher / fishing period. Shareholders have access to free fishing rights outside the maximum number.

4. Fishing from the beach is allowed on the terrain and in areas specified on the map. Wading is prohibited below the bridge over the rapid between 1.9 and 28.5. The use of own boats, outboard motors and fathometer is prohibited.

5. The catch quota is personal. With a 20-hour permit, two (2) adipose fin brown trout can be fished. In the catch quota, two (2) grayling to one brown trout. Planted brown trout are marked with a adipose fin cutting. Unmarked brown trout must be released immediately. The minimum catch sice of brown trout is 50cm and the maximum size is 65cm. The minimum catch size of the grayling is 35cm. The minimum catch size of the pike- perch is 45cm and the maximum 60cm.

6. A documents of the payment of the fisheries management and rapids licence fees must always be included in the trip. The documents shall be presented to the protection officer or authorities upon request.

7. The use of fixed gear as well as angling and ice fishing is prohibited.

8. The use of live bait, worm imitations, bait pastes, lead weight extra weight is prohibited.

9. In addition to possible legal action, violations if fishing regulations result in the suspension of fishing rights.

If you suspect a violation of the rules of the fishing area, please contact Markus Kallio 0400 655 551